Four Series Cooling Tower Have Got CTI Certificates


In early august,2018. Mr Tom who is the expert in the Cooling Technology Institute did the testing for YUANHENG four series  cooling tower products.

cooling tower

YHW—New Model Open-Circuit Cross-flow cooling tower,YHD—Open-Circuit Counter-flow cooling tower,YCH-F Closed-circuit Cross-flow cooling tower and  YCN-F Closed-circuit Counter-flow cooling tower  have approved the testing.

In All,five Series of Yuanheng Cooling tower  have got the CTI certificates. All the CTI certificates can be checked in the

CTI (Cooling Technology Institute) standard  STD-201, which certifies the thermal performance of the cooling tower. It ensures that the cooling tower equipment meets the thermal performance data provided by the manufacturer. After obtaining the CTI certification in advance, it is confirmed that the system performance is in line with the design goal, and there is no need for costly field testing. 

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